Hearts entwined
 A Teen's Pregnancy Journal


Hi, my name is Wendy Jeub, and most of my troubled youth was spent in Pine City. My father had left my mom with five children and one on the way. Our lives lacked the love that we needed. When you grow up without many of your basic needs being met, you hunger for love and affection. The fun I managed to find in Pine City was washed away when, at 14 years old, I found myself in a situation that was shocking to me. I was stunned and scared thinking "No! No! It just can't be true." Sad to say it was true. I was pregnant.

I really did not know where to turn in my desperate situation. Then one day I was talking to a friend who told me about the Crisis Pregnancy Center in town. I scheduled an evening appointment and walked to the clinic (I was not even old enough to drive). The lady I met was someone who was willing to be available for me and willing to meet me when I had time. As I talked, I felt some of that drowning feeling going away. The volunteer helped me to walk through choices. Adoption was brought up, talked about and considered. She showed me models of unborn babies at different stages of pregnancy. I had not really thought about the baby's development or how big it was. My choices after an unplanned pregnancy seemed bad (single, teen parent), terrible (to give up a baby for adoption) and horrible (abortion). How would I tell my mother or grandmother?

Some of my fears were blown out of proportion by my own imagination. Isn't that just how fear is? It is the unknown. When you can find a trusted person to walk you through your fears, there are possibilities you did not think of on your own. In the process I decided to go along with the pregnancy. Love helped me to make a pro-life choice--it took someone to love me across that desk and who was willing to spend time with me. The loving response from that relationship changed the situation from bleak into something better.

As the months passed I continued to go to the crisis pregnancy center for practical assistance. Renee Larsen, who was by that time my mentor and friend, helped me think about options. Marriage? Well, that was out, as my boyfriend had broken up with me. Finances? How could I pay bills every month? These were tough but good questions. I was still in school, 9th grade in fact, with 3 more years of school till graduation. Can you imagine?

Time helped me make my decision and I decided to keep my baby and not place her for adoption. My reasoning was that I wanted to love and care for her. I stayed in school. Looking back, adoption may have been the wiser choice, but giving life was so overwhelming of a decision at the time. I can't imagine how I could have even come to that decision without Renee's help.

On October 14th at 1:51 in the afternoon, I gave birth to my first child, a girl who weighed 4 pounds and 1 oz.—a tiny, sweet, warm and special little bundle. I was 15 years old now and was someone's mother! I kissed her and took care of her. After five days the baby and I were released from the hospital. Renee picked me up from the hospital and brought my baby and me home. These may not seem like big things that she did, but they were everything to me. She gave her time and she gave of herself. She was able to shine the light of Christ's love into a young hurting girl's heart.

I was able to live with my mom and two younger sisters for a time. My mom did the best she could, a single mom keeping in a single mom. She didn't charge me rent or for food, so those worries were avoided. The time came to move into my own apartment and focus on finishing school. That was hard because I was so young and alone. I had a child to care for, a job and school to finish. Again, Renee was a friend as I worked on building my life back up.

My, how the years have gone by! I have since married and reside in Colorado. My daughter is now 25, and she has several younger siblings, 14, to be exact. Renee helped me see the value of life and the value of love. The Center does the work of Christ when they reach out to these young women who are scared and alone. If you get the opportunity, help them in their work any way you can.

God bless! Wendy Jeub we have written a book and cookbook you may order